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May 08, 2024By Management


Publishing a book can be an exciting journey, and it’s great that you’re considering it! Let’s break down the costs and options for publishing your manuscript:


Self-publishing allows you to maintain control over your work and keep all the royalties. The costs can vary based on the services you choose. On average, self-publishing a quality book may cost around $1,500 to $35,000.
Here are some key steps for self-publishing:


Ensure your manuscript is well-edited. You can hire a professional editor for developmental editing (assessing overall structure, clarifying key points, etc.) or copyediting (clarity, grammar, spelling, punctuation).

Developmental Editing:

Typically costs around $50 to 60 per hour∗∗or∗∗.04 to $.08 per word.


Usually priced at $40 to 50 per hour∗∗or∗∗.03 to $.05 per word.

Book Cover Design:

Invest in a professional book cover design. A captivating cover is essential for attracting readers.

Formatting and Layout:

Prepare your manuscript for print or digital formats


Decide whether you’ll distribute through online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) or other channels.


Promote your book through social media, author websites, and other marketing efforts.

Traditional Publishing:

Traditional publishing involves submitting your manuscript to literary agents or publishers. If accepted, they handle editing, cover design, distribution, and marketing.

However, it’s highly competitive, and the process can be lengthy.


Publishers provide editing services.


You’ll receive a percentage of book sales (usually around 10% to 15%) Up to 85% for self publishing.

L & L Presley Self Publishing Diamond Service

We offer our clients a personal consultant and a finished published book with all the above, plus education on the industry for under $2,000.