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Investing in quality pays off in reader and listener satisfaction! 😊Consider hiring a company such as L & L Presley for the entire book/audiobook creation process. This is the most expensive process made affordable, the best option for high-quality books and audio engineering results 😊Contact us for a conversation today? 😊

Audiobook recording and editing an audiobook typically requires around 3.5 hours per finished hour of audiobook content. For a 245-page book, which translates to approximately 7-8 hours of finished audiobook, the recording and editing process might take about 24.5 to 28 hours. Keep in mind that individual factors, such as reader proficiency and recording practices, can influence the duration. 😊

Publish Your Book for $3,850. Audio $4,850

“Retain 100% ownership and 100% royalties for your works. Enjoy full transparency and no surprises—all at an affordable price, available worldwide.” 🌎📚✨

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Turning your dream of a published book into reality is an exciting journey.

L & L Presley, music and book publishing consultants based in Tennessee, we play a vital role in helping authors navigate the complexities of the publishing world.

We’re thrilled to share our passion for high-quality books and music business learning services with our community and beyond.

Here’s how we stand out:

It’s great that you’re considering self-publishing, and I appreciate your attention to detail! Let’s explore how our self-publishing consulting services can benefit you:

Self-Publishing Consultants:

We are professionals specialize in guiding independent authors through the self-publishing process. We can help you navigate the complexities and make informed decisions.

Reasons to Hire a Self-Publishing Consultant:


Consultants understand the publishing landscape and can provide tailored advice.

Goal Setting:

We help you set realistic goals and create a roadmap for success.

Editing Preparation:

Consultants assist with preparing your book for editing.

Distribution Options:

We guide you on distribution channels and strategies.

Book Design:

Finding the right book designer is crucial for creating a visually appealing and engaging book. Many authors opt for our all included in-house design services.


Our consultants help you decide if print-on-demand is suitable for your project.

Maximizing Success:

While success isn’t guaranteed, consultants increase your chances by handling things professionally.

What We Can’t Help With:


Traditional Publishing:

If your goal is traditional publishing, we can help you understand how to submit your manuscript to gain a higher level of success.

Agent Search:

“We assist in locating agents, determining their type, and contacting them in a manner that aligns with their preferences and understanding. This approach significantly enhances your chances of success.” 😊.

Anthology Submissions:

Submitting to anthologies isn’t within our scope. However we can show you how to approach agents for a maximum chance of success.

Our Approach:

Understanding the publishing industry and adhering to professional standards are crucial for success. Let’s break down some key points:

Industry Standards Checklist:

To ensure a professionally published book, consider the Industry Standards Checklist. This checklist covers both content and production aspects.


Your book should be grammatically accurate, free of spelling errors, and well-written.

Ensure your content aligns with industry norms and resonates with your target audience.


Pay attention to cover design, interior layout, and title pages.

Verify that your book meets formatting, printing, and binding standards.
Include essential pages like copyright information and acknowledgments.

Quality Matters:

Delivering a high-quality product is essential. Errors and deviations from industry standards can hinder success.
Invest in professional editing, proofreading, and design services.
Understand the market demand for your book and tailor your content accordingly.

Knowledge and Branding:

Gain industry knowledge by researching publishing trends, marketing strategies, and reader preferences.

Your branding should align with your target audience’s expectations. Consider their interests, demographics, and reading habits.

Feedback and Adaptation:

Seek feedback from beta readers, professionals, and potential readers.
Be open to refining your book based on feedback and market insights.
Remember, success in publishing involves a combination of creativity, industry awareness, and dedication.

Retain Control:

We focus on helping you retain ownership, royalties, and decision-making power. 

Customized Consulting:

Our consulting sessions are tailored to your needs.

Self-Publishing Consulting Services:

We also offer interior book design, cover design, eBook, paperback and hardback creation.

Remember, self-publishing is an exciting journey, and having a knowledgeable consultant by your side can make all the difference! Feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss your project further. 😊

Self Publishing Companies Services. 

“Self-publishing companies who publish for you under contract can not only take away your book control and ownership,  their design and management services can also cost anywhere from $5,500 to $35,000.” 

Our Afordable Book Publishing Consulting Services: 

“ At L & L Presley book publishing consulting services we understand that book design, editing, and publishing can be expensive. That’s why we offer a cost-effective in-house solution.

Consultation and Branding:

For $3,850, authors receive 1 year of branding and consulting services, including worldwide distribution for their first book. During this time, additional books can be added to the same calalogue for $2,500 per book.

Audiobook Option:

If authors want to add an audiobook, the package is priced at $4,850 per book. This option includes worldwide distribution and does not incur audio talent royalties.

We handle the entire process, matching your requirements for book cover design, and we edit, design, and publish worldwide in digital, paperback, hardcover and in audio formats.

"Our expertise ensures that your book is ready for the public within 90 days once you have a completed manuscript. 

Ownership and Royalties:

When you work with us, you fully own your book rights. Plus, the user-friendly login system gives you complete control over your royalties.

Transparency and Education:

Our personal book consultants provide 100% transparency. They guide you through the ins and outs of book publishing, helping you avoid common pitfalls.

Free Consultation:

Interested in learning more? Feel free to have a conversation with one of our experienced book consultants. You can reach us at 423-367-7585 Call or Text (Mon-Fri, 9 am - 5 pm EST), or complete our inquiries form on our website or below.

We support your writing journey and bring your creative vision to life! 📚🎵

Ownership and Publishing Basics:

Understanding how ownership works is crucial. 

As an author, you’ll want to know about copyright, intellectual property rights, and licensing.

Familiarize yourself with the publishing process, including manuscript submission, contract negotiation, editing, design, production, distribution, marketing, sales, and rights management.

Royalties and Deals:

Royalties are the payments authors receive for book sales. Learn about different royalty structures (e.g., flat fee, percentage-based) and how they apply to your work.

Making publishing deals involves negotiating terms with publishers, agents, or self-publishing platforms. Understand advances, royalties, and subsidiary rights.

Creating High-Value Books:

Quality matters! Invest in professional editing, cover design, and formatting.

Consider your target audience and genre. What will resonate with readers?

Gaining Deals and Marketing:

Building relationships with agents, editors, and publishers can help you secure deals.  

L & L book marketing programs have helped clients sell more books!

Our clients have access to a vast list of L & L book marketing programs, from cooperative trade magazine ads, bookstore catalogs, trade shows, library emails, media outreach, and more.

Marketing is essential. Learn about book launches, social media promotion, powerful free marketing tools.” and author branding.

Professional Audio:

Audiobooks are increasingly popular. Explore audiobook production, narration, and distribution.

Bookstore Insights:

Visit bookstores to observe book placement, cover designs, and pricing.

Understand where your book fits in the market and tailor your submissions accordingly.

Remember, success in publishing involves a combination of creativity, business acumen, and persistence. Keep writing, learning, and connecting with fellow authors! 🌟📖

 Let’s keep it real! 🌟

Publishing can be a complex journey, and misconceptions like the one you mentioned can lead to disappointment. Here are some key points to consider:

Distribution and Bookstore Purchases:

Distributing to thousands of bookstores doesn’t guarantee that each store will buy a copy. Bookstores order based on demand, shelf space, and their assessment of potential sales.
Authors should focus on creating a compelling book and building an audience rather than expecting immediate returns.

Investment and Recovery:

Paying a substantial amount upfront (like the $25,000) doesn’t guarantee instant returns. It’s an investment in your book’s production, marketing, and distribution.

Recovery depends on book sales, which take time. Authors often earn royalties over the long term.

Realistic Expectations:

Understand that success in publishing involves persistence, marketing efforts, and building a readership.

Be prepared for gradual returns and consider the long-term impact of your work.

Remember, writing is a journey, and each step contributes to your growth as an author. Keep writing, stay informed, and enjoy the process! 📚✨

How to Write a Book (with Tactics from Bestsellers)

1. Start with a book idea you love...

2. The one thing you absolutely need to write a book is, of course, an idea. ...

3. Research by reading genre-prominent books...

4. Once you've found your big idea, the next step is to research your genre...

5. Outline the story ...

6. Write the opening sentence ...

7. Write the first draft ...

8. Set a schedule with achievable goals...

9. Develop a writer's mindset.

10. Create a writing space.

Latest Book Publishing News!

Kid of the King

“We are thrilled that ‘Kid of the King’ has received approval for movie funding.” 🎥🌟

Some of our Published Books.

Kid of the King

Kid of the King

Kid of the King, "Long Time Lost, Forever Found," is the true - life story of Elaine Elizabeth “Liz” Presley. It is the story of a woman that grew up in the wrong family. Liz Presley spent most of her life searching, feeling lost, and on a difficult journey. She describes the road that led her to discovering the family she truly came from. Her life was like a fast-moving train until the day it came to a screeching halt on May 6, 2013. She found her way home to where she belonged. Liz was no longer lost and searching. Liz's past experiences have allowed her to have a strong sense of survival, which taught her that giving up is never a choice.

View all of Liz  Presley's Books Here!

The Kings Kid

The Kings Kid

(The original, complete, untouched, and updated true-life story of Elaine Elizabeth "Liz" Presley)

This gripping true-life account, "The King's Kid" unveils the intriguing journey of a unique kid growing up in the sixties in Essex, England. He was born a boy, but he innately felt the “girl” inside of him. He also strongly felt lost and sensed that he did not belong in his family. This courageous kid set out on an arduous mission to follow his instincts in seeking the truth. He not only became the girl that he knew he really was, but she made an amazing discovery!

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My Mother is a Princess

My Mother is a Princess

Based on a true life story of a girl named 'Liz Presley'. Liz Presley spent most of her life searching, feeling lost, and on a difficult journey. She describes the road that led her in discovering the family she truly came from. Her life was like a fast moving train until the day it came to a screeching halt on May 6, 2013. She found her way home to where she belonged. Liz was no longer lost and searching. Liz's past experiences have allowed her to have a strong sense of survival, which taught her that giving up is never a choice.

View all of Liz Presley's Books Here!

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Celebrating the Rich Legacy of Music

Located in the vibrant Shelby County & Sullivan County TN, L & L Presley is a revered name in the world of music. As purveyors of the finest musical experiences, we take great pride in preserving and sharing the rich legacy of music.

With a passion for music that knows no bounds, L & L Presley brings together the diverse sounds, genres, and rhythms that have shaped the musical landscape. From toe-tapping jazz melodies to soul-stirring classical symphonies, we strive to curate experiences that delight and inspire true music connoisseurs.

At L & L Presley, we understand the power of music in uniting people and enriching lives. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the performances we curate, as we also provide a platform for budding musicians, giving them a voice to be heard and recognized. Through music business learning programs and talent showcases, we strive to nurture the next generation of music legends.

With our roots firmly planted in the heart of Shelby County, TN, we proudly serve as a hub for artists, enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a transformative musical journey. Whether you are a seasoned musician or simply a lover of melodies, L & L Presley invites you to immerse yourself in a world of exceptional music.

Join us at L & L Presley as we celebrate the timeless beauty of music, leaving you with unforgettable memories that resonate long after the final note fades away.

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